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  1. 05 Jul '02 20:23
    When my coworker invites me to a game using my 2nd email address,
    when my account is registered with my 1st email address, I can't
    change my registered email to the 2nd address! I did not register
    under 2nd address, and did not make any moves in the invited game
    (although my coworker did make the 1st move already). Also, she
    has since deleted that game, but it seems like the system still
    remembers this 2nd address and won't let me use it!

    Is there a glitch that holds onto these new addresses, that don't get
    registered, too long? How can I switch to this new/2nd address now?

  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    05 Jul '02 20:33
    You probably need to log in and log out each time you switch users.
    If that doesn't help, you might need to send a feedback to get an
  3. 08 Jul '02 16:04
    I'm not trying to switch users, just trying to change my email address.

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and send feedback! 🙂
  4. 19 Jul '02 00:34
    I'm having same problem. I don't have roadrunner anymore, it
    swithced to cox high speed and I can't change to new email.
  5. 19 Jul '02 07:16
    You can do that in the "your settings" page as far as I can remember
  6. 09 Sep '02 18:52
    I am having problems with this also. I have tried to change my email address in
    the "Your Settings" and it ALWAYS reverts back to my original address. No errors
    are given and it looks like the change takes place until you log out and log.
    Then the system will tell you the address that you just changed to doesn't exist
    and I have to log in with my old email address.

    This is not the first time I have reported this problem. Is there any other way
    than posting here to get this fixed?

  7. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    26 Sep '02 12:22
    Sorry for that late reply to this, I will look into it.

  8. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    11 Sep '02 03:44
    2 choices I think.

    1-set up seperate user accounts on the computer itself.

    2-delete cookies previously set by RHP and then log in.