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  1. Standard member thire
    15 May '04 17:53
    Russ, is it right that the emailed games are sorted by the GameId?
    So it is not so easy for me to get all my games into one pgn-file (as I have more than 200 finished games):
    In the first email (100 games finished in the last 10000 days) the last GameId is 198532, but in the next mail (last 400 days or so, 100 games, there may be a a game with a lower Id before game 198532 that finished after this game.
    so everything gets a bit wired...

    easier: what happens here?

    game 1 finished 10.5.2004
    game 2 finished 13.5.2004
    game 3 finished 12.5.2004
    game 4 finished 10.5.2004
    game 5 finished 15.5.2004

    I want all games in the last 6 days, I get (limited to 3 games):
    1,2,3 (and sorted that way!!!)

    I want all games in the last 3 days, I get (limited to 3 games):

    what I did (and does NOT work) is the following:
    a) what is the id of the last game in the frist email? (answer: 3)
    b) find gameid 3 in the 2nd mail (next game: 5) and copy all games after this in the final file.
    the result will be: 1,2,3,5 (not good 🙁 )

    Do you understand what I mean?
    Can you propose me any solution?
  2. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    15 May '04 18:03 / 1 edit
    I haven't got a clue what you mean. 😳

    This might have been better sent as a private message to Russ.
  3. Standard member thire
    15 May '04 23:42
    Originally posted by Exy
    This might have been better sent as a private message to Russ.
    how do you now? 😉

    I have 201 finished games. I want them all (and none of them two times) in a single pgn-file. What do i have to do?

    (please don't tell me "just go to myGames->Email MyGames" . this will work but not exactly. try to answer my questions like: how are the games sorted? what do you do to solve my (which meight be as well your) problem?), thanks,
  4. Standard member thire
    16 May '04 14:01
    basicly the problem is, that games are sorted by gameId but selected by date. this makes everything a bit complicated... 🙄
  5. 16 May '04 16:26
    My problem is that I have been slack and have not emailed my earlier games to myself. Now I can't get any of my games prior to 100. So, what would be nice would be a bound that allows me to select games that had a last move between X and Y days ago.
  6. Standard member thire
    16 May '04 16:43
    no problem for RHP 😀
    the solution: just enter that you want all games in the last 10000 days and he will send you the frist 100 games you played at RHP - okay?
  7. Standard member thire
    01 Jun '04 08:05
    has anyone an idea that helps me? :'(
    games are sorted by id but the selection criterion is the last move's date. this causes problems...
  8. 01 Jun '04 10:52 / 2 edits
    Well, I don't know the structure of the database, but I'm sure an SQL statement can fit your needs.

    I am guessing there is a table full of game IDs, players, and game status, and another table containing all of the FENs.

    SELECT Games.GameID, Games.Player1, Games.Player2, FENs.FENValue, FENs.TimeStamp FROM Games, FENs WHERE ((Games.GameID = FENs.GameID) AND (Player1 = "thire" ) OR (Player2 = "thire" )) SORT BY

    Bah, actually I give up... I don't know if it's possible with one SQL statement.
  9. Standard member thire
    01 Jun '04 11:23
    okay, I guess it's anything with SQL, but I am talking about the mailed pgn-files of all my games...
  10. 01 Jun '04 11:29
    Yeah, but all the games are stored in a database, then, using an SQL statement (I hope) the required games are selected from the database and put in a PGN and e-mailed to you. So, if you are getting the e-mails OK, and the PGNs are OK, and the database is OK, all that leaves is the SQL statement that needs to change.