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  1. Donation fexkorn
    28 Nov '01 17:57
    I think the computer put my piece on the wrong square! I didn't
    notice because I have too many games going on at once.
    Unfortunately, I made other moves before I looked back and noticed
    what happened. I suspect it might have happened one other time but
    at the time I just assumed I had made a collassal blunder. Has this
    happened to anyone else? It's made my game almost a no-win.
  2. 10 Dec '01 18:18
    I haven't been here long enough for this to happen; however, I do
    take the time to look at the piece placement before clicking
    the "move" button.

    Since you say you have many games going, could you have thought
    you were making a move in one that was really meant for a different
  3. 30 Apr '02 21:58
    It hasn't happened to me, but it did happen to my opponent in one
    game where he just handed over his queen. He said that he had
    moved the piece there originally, saw the error, then moved another
    piece instead. However, when he hit the move button, his original bad
    queen move was taken. In this case, we declared the game a draw
    and started over, since it would have been a pointless game once the
    queen was erroneously blundered away like that.

    If I've been moving various pieces around "experimentally," then I
    always hit the "refresh" button in the browser before making my final
    move and pressing the move button. So far, I've never had a problem
    with the system picking up the wrong move.