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Help Forum

  1. 27 Feb '03 19:59
    When you have a star and invite someone who does not. If that person is at their limit for games, you get the same message you would get if you didn't have a star and were at your limit.

    It's not too bad and when I see it again I'll know what I'm seeing. But it confused me enough at the time that I sent a message to Feedback saying Why am I still limited?

    Maybe you should differentiate and say that the person you are challenging is at their limit... Just an idea.

    The site overall is great!
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    28 Feb '03 12:24
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention - that is very confusing. It is hard to pick up all these little problems in testing, so it is very important that people let me know about things like this.

    I'll fix it for the next release.