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  1. Standard member prn
    15 Jun '04 20:22
    In the message log for a game, I have been seeing the messages themselves in a very narrow column and I finally decided to see what was going on. I discovered that it happens in Opera, but not in Netscape or MSIE. I checked the page source and found lots of lines of the form:

    <td width=100%> </td>

    That is, there is an empty fourth column in that page. Opera actually respects that column and leaves all of the page to the right of the minimum width for the message blank. Netscape and MSIE ignore that fourth column (possibly because the 3rd column also specifies width=100😵 and the message takes up all of the page that is left over from the Move and Player columns. Since the fourth column is never (to the best of my knowledge) used for any content, eliminating it will make the display in Opera equivalent to the display in Netscape or IE. If you (Russ and/or Chrismo) want an empty column there for a right margin, you could change the width of the 4th column to something other than 100%, e.g. 10% or even an absolute number of pixels. (Actually, I've just been experimenting with that and I get the proper margin in Opera, some margin in Netscape, and none in IE, which always takes the first 100% and ignores the rest.)

    Hmmm, the more I experiment, the less I like it cross-browser. I'd say just eliminating the 4th column looks a lot more reliable than trying something tricky.