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  1. Standard member RONOC
    On a wave
    21 May '05 13:38
    Some how instead of putting the British flag on my setting I have ended up with the English flag.
    Now to some people this doesn,t matter, after all England is in Great Britain and of course I live in both, nevertheless I do like to incompass everyone living in the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, not because of political correctness etc: but because we are a small island nation with very close ties in all manner of respects and I have the privalage of enjoying all parts of the fore mentioned countries as I am an heavy goods vehicle driver.
    So I feel very much part of the above and by displaying the Union jack it in turn I hope implies the above, so how do i change it to the flag I want? I have tried several ways but it seems to have evaded me please help......Thankyou.
  2. 21 May '05 13:50
    Go to "My Home", click on "Edit" under "My Summary", change country of origin to United Kingdom, then click on "Update". That should do it. At least it worked for me.