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    08 Jul '07
    14 Jul '07 05:04
    I had a quick question of little concern - Two games that I started initially as invites to friends were never accepted by them (one had deleted the invite email - the other I never heard from).

    I had wanted to delete the games but instead of noting the trash can icon next to them in the game manager (of which I'm now very aware) - I sought a means of ending the game from the board view itself. Not seeing a way to delete it I simply resigned after making one opening move. Now I have 2 embarrassing loses on my record due to my negligence - I was wondering if those will affect my rating?

    From what I gathered in the FAQ they will not as the game was still premature - but I did resign instead of deleting the game.

    Thanks for any assistance - also; is there anyway of striking those 2 blunders from my record?

    Jean-Tyler Gabriel

    Here are the two games in question:
    Game 3779685
    Game 3798129
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    11 Nov '05
    14 Jul '07 06:22
    Yes, you have two losses in your statistics, but the rating was not influenced since the games were concidered unrated.
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    08 Jul '07
    14 Jul '07 07:231 edit
    Thanks for your help
  4. San Diego
    23 May '07
    19 Jul '07 21:391 edit
    Yet another argument for displaying the unrated results differently, or not at all.
    Thread 71327
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