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  1. 23 Apr '04 13:33
    Wondering if anyone considered a force move option if you opponet only has 1 legal move😉
  2. 23 Apr '04 21:20
    I think that the "forced move" could be extended to something more easy on your opponent: why not suggest a series of moves to it. So, you can start the game with 1.e4 and suggest to the opponent the line
    "1...e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5" and, if your opponent accept it, all these moves are registered as being played, and the game goes on move 4, or, if your line goes "1...e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4", then black answers with their own move, that can be 3...Bc4, or another one. It can be extended to the point where you suggest more than one line of play to your opponent. I think it is somewhat related to the "if" moves in Correspondence/Postal Chess (

    In the case of a forced mate, you can do as I did someday: I pointed that there was a forced mate solution to a game (I listed all moves), and then my opponent accepted it immediately, resigning the game (unfortunately, it happened only one time).
  3. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    23 Apr '04 21:28 / 1 edit
    There are a lot of people who take pleasure in chalking up moves and being what is known as the "MAP" (Most Active Player) so often people prolong matches or choose not to resign them just to make the moves. Each to their own, I guess, you just have to sit it out until you get the mate.
  4. Standard member player42
    Happy Hour Hero.
    23 Apr '04 21:32
    That's the story of my life, man. 😛
  5. 24 Apr '04 00:33
    In this case it does not foce a mate but with only one move he can make It will totaly mess up his slight advantage I figure he loses a queen a rook and a pawn with mate a few more moves down. I guess I will win on a timeout but I so wanted to complete the combo!!!!😳