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  1. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    25 Aug '18 23:34 / 1 edit

    I'm just wondering how some people can post in the below thread, but others can't:
    Thread 178150

    Since one member has flooded the thread with broken pgn's i.e. "please report this problem"
    I've not been able to post a reply, yet other users such as mchill have apparently been able to,
    as can be seen by the 'last poster' status on the thread list.

    My questions are:
    How can some users apparently post on threads where others can't?
    Can the thread be fixed (i.e. unwanted posts removed) so others can reply?
    Is this issue fixable at all in the long run?

    Many thanks,
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    26 Aug '18 02:24 / 2 edits
    I just got the same "please report this problem", and now I've become the "last poster" in the thread list replacing mchill. My guess is that mchill tried to post and got the error message but still updated the "last poster" thread list. I suggest you send feedback if you really want the rook post removed and the thread reopened.
  3. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    26 Aug '18 09:51
    Thanks Kewpie, I have sent feedback as you suggested.

    It's definitely an issue caused by faulty pgn's.
    My advice to anyone wanting to post a pgn is make sure you tick "Preview before post"
    so that you can make sure it is good before submitting.