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Help Forum

  1. 15 Apr '02 17:42
    I am new to Red Hot Pawn, and I was greeted by a Baron Von Munchousen very rudely.
    See game 75748.
    Can someone do something about this?
  2. Donation Corsair
    The English Pirate
    15 Apr '02 21:13
    You could try not playing him...
  3. 15 Apr '02 23:10
    His Highness, Khalid, does not understand the meaning of 'Nobless
    oblige'. Ignoring him is the best reply. If we all did so, he will leave
    and try another place to hooliganise there. No problem: IGNORE! Jan
  4. 16 Apr '02 21:19
    Thank you very much for your support. He has since deleted my game with him -
    probably because he thinks an Arab is not a worthy enough opponent for him.
  5. 19 Apr '02 18:20
    If he thinks that, he/she is an inhumane human. All my life I've been
    a fervent opponent of racism & fascism. Colour and race don't matter,
    neither rich nor poor... Just be yoursel, Khalid. Jan
  6. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    16 Apr '02 01:08
    Sorry you had the misfortune of encountering this sort of character in
    one of your first games here at RHP. We have a fairly large
    membership and so you are bound to come across a few individuals
    who cannot adequately express themselves without resorting to foul

    I think you will find that the majority of folks you play against here are
    just fine. But be warned that you may find a few more like him. You
    will also find several who rarely communicate.

    The main thing I'm saying is don't let one individual bias your opinion
    of the RHP site.

    I am not aware of any provision for monitoring messages between
    players during a game.
  7. 16 Apr '02 01:48