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  1. 23 Feb '08 16:44
  2. 23 Feb '08 16:50
    Originally posted by coling
    Usually helps to have a message. 🙂
  3. 23 Feb '08 16:56
    [gid]4595550 [/gid]
  4. 23 Feb '08 17:14
    Originally posted by Steinberg
    [gid]4595550 [/gid]
    Game 4595550

    Close but no cigar.
  5. 23 Feb '08 17:38
    Originally posted by coling
    Game awarded in error: Game 4595550
    It says that you exceeded your thinking time and/or time bank and you therefore lost in timeout.

    If this seems right, then this is the answer.
    If you don't believe in this, then send a Feed Back to the Game Mods. Use the link at the bottom of this page.