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  1. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    11 Mar '09 13:34
    Is there a rule against two players commenting about their own game in progress?

    Sometimes other players make comments about games we're playing that have to do with the strength of the position or some mistake. Occasionally, they are trying to trap me by getting me to think that they are about to resign when there's a mating trap or a sneak attack somewhere.

    I always say that it's against the rules to discuss a rated game that's still in progress. One just pointed out that it's only against the rules if a third party helps.
  2. 11 Mar '09 13:58
    I often yak about my own games as they progress. For my opponent's moves it is limited to "good move" if it was obviously a strong move. For my own moves I sometimes add something like "well, now I can push that pawn through". Again it's about things that are obvious on the board. If any opponent found it distracting, I would certainly shut up. But I don't see it as a TOS violation.