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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    12 Mar '04 00:22
    Hi there Russ/Chrisbo,

    Don't want to PM u about this as u must get loads of mail.

    Is it possible to keep the chat feature open in the game window ALL the time? By that i mean allowing players to chat, even when it is not their go. Only having one message each time u move makes it a little difficult to have a conversation with your opponent.

    Just a thought, i've had some nice chats with people in the forums over the last couple of weeks, it would be really nice if people could join a game and discuss it.

    I don't know if u've seen the all comers game taking place in the forums right now? If this feature was included then this game could be played a lot easier.

    Anyway, thanx for reading 🙂¬~