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  1. Standard member akwjones
    Chess who?
    19 Jan '06 04:34
    i was playing an opponent and i had my queen and king against his king...after about 20 or so half moves i had him in what seemed to be checkmate...he wasnt technically in check...but he was cornered so whereever he moved, he would be checkmated...i figured that was checkmate for me...but the game turned into a draw...and he didnt move back and forth in the same position over and over or anything...can any1 help me with that?
  2. 19 Jan '06 04:55
    same thing just happened to me. my next move would have been checkmate, but it ended with a draw
  3. 19 Jan '06 05:03
    if a player can't move without going into check it is a draw
  4. Standard member Redmike
    Godless Commie
    19 Jan '06 09:07
    This is stalemate, rather than checkmate. It is a draw.
  5. Standard member Chakan
    19 Jan '06 09:12
    Stalemate Explained
  6. Standard member jfkjmh
    nice one
    20 Jan '06 00:59 / 1 edit
    The word checkmate implies a check🙄