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  1. 05 Mar '08 18:09
    Why was Game 4622295 drawn?
  2. 05 Mar '08 18:11
    Stalemate, your opponent had no legal moves left.
    Game 4622295
  3. 05 Mar '08 20:35
    Originally posted by Lise
    Why was Game 4622295 drawn?
    I know that this can seem really unfair Lise. Sadly it is the rules, and always has been. We all made this mistake when learning the game.
    To win a chess game you must checkmate your opponent, which means putting them in a check they cannot escape from, either because they cannot move, or because if they did move they would still be in check.
    A stalemate is when, if the King moved it would walk into check BUT he is not IN check. If there are no other legal moves (like a pawn or another piece), you have left your opponent with no way to move, and this is a draw. Ironically it happens most commonly when, like in your game, one side has a big advantage. You just have to make sure next time that if you cannot deliver checkmate, your opponent has a legal move.
  4. 06 Mar '08 00:38

    Let's keep this thread quiet or else we will get the horde of "Boo-hoo, stalemate's not fair. A draw should be a win for me." And you know how those go on forever. 😠