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Help Forum

  1. Standard member paulisfree2b
    09 Feb '03 16:49
    It would be useful if we could have certain 'Game Flags'
    - one that springs to mind is losing'

    In the event of flagging day 5 games as losing...
    then when it comes time to resing a particluar game, quite often due the rating war here, one ends up resigning a bunch of games at once, so minimize the affect on your rating....

    eg. I am gonna resign a game against a lower rated player.. so, i want to also then resign my pother ;lost games' bt how do i know whch they are without cruising through all my games? i do not...

    flags would help... be they usedefined or fixed values..
  2. 09 Feb '03 23:03
    Let me get this straight-- you want Chris and Russ to code a feature that will make it easier for you to manipulate the rating system to your own advantage?

    Some chutzpah!