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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 28 Dec '03 13:42
    Is it possible to get a game history including the dates and times each of the moves were made, and if not is it something the site wold consider doing?
  2. Standard member thire
    28 Dec '03 15:34
    go to MyGames, click on the info-link and then get the pgncutandpaste to have the gamehistroy. to get all the movedates, recvie the game per mail and check the box to get the movedates as comments, okay?
  3. 29 Dec '03 15:39
    sorry to seem stupid, but how do i change the settings on the pgn?
  4. Standard member thire
    30 Dec '03 00:23
    hmm, sorry, my English and my speed me ununderstandable :'(
    okay, another try:
    to to MyGames and click on the infolink. click on "Get PGN/FEN" and you will reach page "". there you can cut and paste the pgn or fen or click to recive the pgn per mail.

    OR: got to the gamehistroy and click on "Get PGN of this game" to reach the pgncutandpaste page.

    OR: click at "myGames" on Email my Games" (in the lightblue bar, on the right) and here you can set the format to get the moves dates as well 😀

    I hope you are not even more confused now 🙄
  5. 31 Dec '03 18:24
    got it, thx very much