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  1. 05 Jan '10 17:29
    I have a game that the opponent hasnt made a move in 6 days and the time out was 3. If you click on info on the game, the timebank and days to move is not updating. The opponent is not a subscriber and isn't able to be on vacation. Not area for me to end the game.

    here is what it states.

    My ColorWhite
    Game State In progress
    To MoveBlack
    Last MoveDec 31 2009 18:16
    Game Created Dec 02 2009 19:11
    Time controls
    Move Timeout 3 days
    Initial Timebank 7 days
    Timebank days remaining
    White 7
    Black 4.25

    Any ideas?
  2. 05 Jan '10 17:39
    In addition to the 3 days you're allotted per move, also known as the timeout, you and your opponent both have a reserve of 7 days. This means if you or your opponent cannot move within the 3 days, you will begin using your reserve of 7 days. This reserve is called a timebank, and unlike the timeout, is not replenished after every move. So, once your opponent's timebank has expired you will be able to claim the win.

    Game 6944640
  3. 05 Jan '10 18:04
    The time bank isn't moving or at least hasn't changed in 2 days.
  4. Standard member zozozozo
    Thread Killing Chimp
    06 Jan '10 12:56
    Originally posted by ADJ91
    The time bank isn't moving or at least hasn't changed in 2 days.
    Looks like that game is now finished.

    But the timebank was running out, black has 4,02 days of timebank left now the game is finished. When you posted your thread it showed black had 4.25 days left.