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Help Forum

  1. 19 Feb '14 03:13
    Hi there, can anyone help. RHP has just wiped the last TWO months of my last games including my current games.

    Has this happened to anyone else.

    Kind regards

  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    19 Feb '14 05:34
    I can see a continuous run of your games right up to today, including 5 games in progress and one game waiting to start. I'm guessing that the problem lies with your computer. Try logging in using a different skin (e.g. if you're playing on try and see if the problem persists. Then there's all the usual stuff, clear cache and cookies and so on. Even logging in on someone else's device.

    Please come back to report results, whether or not you get the problem resolved.
  3. Standard member RevRSleeker
    20 Feb '14 21:41
    Just an idle thought but it might just be a case of you needing to activate your 'game status filter' once 'my games' and then down the left margin hit that filter...all games will then be evident, whether complete or ongoing...
  4. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    21 Feb '14 03:57
    Since he's making moves again we have to assume he's solved it, even if he didn't say so.