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Help Forum

  1. 10 Oct '02 00:01
    when i make a move it only works if i exit the doesent make move and then go to next game.when i get back on site move
    is made.(getting old fast having to log on and off for 1 move)if there is any suggestions PLEASE let me know thanks. paul
  2. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    10 Oct '02 02:42
    That sounds very weird.
    Several things to check, in some random order.

    1) Click on "your settings" (above the thick red line near the top of
    the screen) and select the "Go to next waiting game after move"
    checkbox - make sure it has a check mark in it.

    2) Alternatively, make your move in the current game, then click "your
    games" which should give you a list of all your games. Select the one
    you want.

    If those aren't working, something is REALLY weird. System seems to
    be working fine for me, and I presume others too.
  3. 10 Oct '02 02:46
    it always went to next game now it wont show that i have moved in the game i am playing if i stay on i loose connection and the
    move is already sent but i have to go back to site again for another move. this just started in the last 3-4 weeks every thing was
    fine before that