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Help Forum

  1. 07 May '05 16:31
    Just started with red hot pawn, and can't seem to get going. "Poundlee" challenged me. I pressed the HTTP:; but still can't find the game to reply. Can anyone help.
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    07 May '05 16:56
    Did you get things sorted out yet?

    It takes a little time and experimentation to learn how to get around and do things, but you should get it figured out without too much trouble. The 'Help' and 'FAQ' sections are helpful sometimes if you're having a problem.

    If you don't find answers there, just ask here and someone can probably help you.

    regards, Marc
  3. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    07 May '05 17:12
    Originally posted by bajer
    JI pressed the HTTP:; but still can't find the game to reply.
    What do you mean with pressing the HTTP? I take it it is the URL, but pressing it? Especially with the intern functionality you don't need to do anything with the URL right after enter (or or or one of those other 'synonyms'😉.

    Can you make yourself a bit more clear what you tried and want?
  4. 07 May '05 17:52
    Sometimes someone accepts a game and then deletes it right away (don't ask me why they do that, but it doesn't seem to be uncommon). Maybe that's what happened? In that case you should have an e-mail saying the game was deleted, though.