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Help Forum

  1. 22 Oct '02 00:18
    it says i have 27 games i can only see 20 .......i tried clicking on #2(page)also tried clicking the > sign to get to next page of
    games nothing comes up........when i click on Games awaiting your move it never connects.also as i have posted before it wont
    switch from game to game after setting is set to do that. thanks
  2. 22 Oct '02 23:38
    also tried clicking on complete list and that sent me to home page also
  3. 23 Oct '02 15:42
    Sounds like your browser may be set not to accept cookies? If not, then if you're using IE, go
    to tools->options, and there should be somewhere where you can set cookie behaviour, i.e.,
    accept all, accept some etc...

    If it's not that then let me know, and I'll see if I can figure something else out...

    good luck,

  4. 23 Oct '02 22:33
    i think its the cookies then.i guess i will have to try to limit my own games so i can see them... thanks for your help