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Help Forum

  1. 17 Jun '01 17:36
    What are they for? What advantages do you have by joining one? Why
    do 99% of them have only one member?

  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    17 Jun '01 20:53
    What a relief!!!!

    I've been wondering the same things, and was starting to think I was
    the only one who was puzzled by them....

    I'm even in one, but have no idea how I got there, or how to get out
    of there, since I don't really think I want to be there.

    I have no idea of what purpose they serve, but maybe someone will
    read these posts and have answers...

  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    17 Jun '01 22:11
    The groups idea was a bit misconceived. They will soon be
    reappearing in another form. They really are no more than a 'buddy
    list' or player watch. Some people misundertand that and think it's
    more of an 'egroup' or 'smartgroups' type thing. It isnt.

    The idea was that if there is some people you might like to keep an
    eye on, add them to a group. Everyone in my office is in one group,
    so i find it quite useful to see what people are upto. And everyone in
    that group can see too.

    So, expect some changes there soon. I will change it to a personal
    list of people you would like to watch, private to you. (and call it
    something sensible like a 'buddy list' )