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Help Forum

  1. 18 Feb '05 15:50
    when i move my king to castle, will the rook move after i hit the move tab or sould it automaticcally move when i move the king. iam not in check or trying to move across check
  2. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    18 Feb '05 16:00
    correct.. move your king over the two spots.. and when you hit move, it will put the rook on the side of you automatically
  3. 18 Feb '05 18:54
    thanks miodue
  4. 01 Mar '05 10:14
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    01 Mar '05 12:49
    Not long now until the new board code which solves this problem once and for all. The rook will move on the board before submission.