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Help Forum

  1. 21 Apr '05 23:54
    Playing a game now, i have someone in check, it's my move but it won't let me do anything, what do i do here? thanks.
  2. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    22 Apr '05 00:07
    do you mean game Game 1095820

    You don't have them in check, you are in check. You can't move anything unless its to block the check.. take the piece that is causing the check, or move your king out of check. If you try to do something else , the system won't let you
  3. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    22 Apr '05 06:57
    Classic case of mistaken identity - thought the Queen was the King. Happens a lot with newbies.