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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 28 Oct '02 21:42
    I won two games, one against Asita and one against Tcoffey1227, but
    my rating only went up for 1 game because it says that i have 1 win
    but i have played three games. can somebody fix this problem for
    me please, i would much appreciate it! My record should be 2 wins 0
    losses, not 1 win, thanks very much!!!

  2. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    28 Oct '02 23:19
    2 wins, but his rating shows 1 win 1 draw... very odd
  3. 30 Oct '02 22:27
    see exactly, is it not odd, thanks for noticing belgianfreak, can
    anybody fix this for me??????
  4. 30 Oct '02 20:06
    Something else I have seen that puzzles me...If I look at "my
    games" I am currently at 8-10-1. But if I go into performance, it
    shows I am 8-11-0.

    Anyone know why? Not sure if this will affect my rating....not that my
    rating is anything to really worry about!