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  1. Standard member RmX
    Coucou !
    02 Jan '03 15:11
    Someone challenged me (GameId 145056, vs Rikadee). As you could see in it(see my moves), I didn't accepted it, but played 2 moves to explain to the player I'll delete this game. Then... Impossible to delete !! Why ??? As it is said, we have 3 moves to decide about erase or not a game. But it isn't 3 COMPLETE moves(3white/3black) but 3 half-moves !!! So the game is there yet, and I cant do anything for this. HELP PLEASE!
  2. Standard member paulisfree2b
    03 Jan '03 09:13
    Is it before 3 full moves that you can delete a game?

    In the meantime, try emailing youtr opponent and asking that the both of you archive the game? Well, that s th eonly way I can think of you both ignoring it.

    though it depends if he will then claim timeout at the first chance of not.....
  3. 03 Jan '03 09:26
    Could the RHP Forums be the end of chess? Some people it seems (me included) are too busy to play chess but plenty of time to tell the whole world how short of time they are