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  1. 22 Dec '02 01:13
    i d/l rival chess, but i can't get it to work, cos my MS-DOS thingy wont work. can someone please help me!? It says This program cannot run due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your systems administator. I haven't got a clue how to get my MS-DOS thing to work again, Do u?

  2. Standard member GordonK
    MAP Challenger
    23 Dec '02 02:57

    Unless you want the MS-DOS version for a particular reason, I would recommend downloading the Windows version of the program from http://
  3. Standard member paulisfree2b
    23 Dec '02 12:01
    Certain Windows Software cannot be installed on a computer without Administrative rights.

    1. Check that the username, that you log onto the computer with, has got administrative rights on the machine.
    - Windows 2000>Start>Settings>Control Panel>Users and Passwords
    - Make sure that your username belongs to the administrator group.

    Else log as as the' Administrator' if you know the password, and then you can install it probably.

    Else post your actual error msg fromm DOS.

    Anyway, its just another angle to try if stuck! cheers Paul
  4. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    23 Dec '02 12:38
    You will probably get some useful answers if you provide some information about your specific computer, including what operating system you use.

    regards, Marc
  5. 23 Dec '02 19:43
    thanx for ur help - gonna try ur suggestion now 🙂
  6. 23 Dec '02 22:58
    i'm really sorry to bother u again, but i couldn't find what u mentioned in ur message. In my control panel, i have seperate icons for passwords & users & couldn't find anything about administators :-s

    I use Windows ME if that helps

    tia again