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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 30 Aug '13 19:45
    Pls. guide me as to how to subscribe. Can I trust the transaction? How much will it cost?
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    30 Aug '13 20:24
    Any of these will take you to the subscription page:

    click the oval icon next to your username.
    click the star icon or oval icon next to any other username.
    click the link at the bottom left side of the page.
    click the site map link at the bottom of the page and go to "support".
    click the box on the right side of the ad banner at the top of the page.
  3. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    30 Aug '13 22:03
    The third-party site that RedHotPawn uses to collect payments is a reputable one, and the most popular payment method is a credit card. I've been here for a number of years and had no problems with them, nor do I recall anyone else having a problem with them.