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Help Forum

  1. 06 Jul '04 16:02
    I am new to this site, so pardon if this has been dealt with.

    Is there a way to find replies to my posts, so I don't have to remember each thread I have posted on, and then look at the thread for replies? I have found the Forums->Search Forums page, and this is helpful.

    A reply to a post in a forum seems very similar to a message. If there is not already some means to do this, perhaps a notice for forum replies could be added to the main menu bar where games waiting is located.

    If there isn't such a feature already, could you please tell me how you manage if you have several posts? (I find it easy to forget the thread title, or even the category).

    This would save me a lot of time, and make the forums more valuable to me.

  2. 06 Jul '04 17:08
    I'm not big into posts but perhaps if you sign your posts with a unique indentifier then the search forums feature would return what you're looking for, examaple zuc01 for the first zuc02 for the second etc then you could do a search on zuc or zucNN - does this help?
    Stale01 ;-)
  3. Standard member Toe
    06 Jul '04 20:14
    There's nothing specific to what you want:
    However, you can find your own posts very quickly
    From any forum, click the "search forums" button
    Put in your own user name as the author, and select
    an approximate time of the posts you might be interested
    in: the search results will then show all your posts within
    that timeframe.
    Each post has a link at the bottom that will allow you to go
    to the thread and see what has/has not been added.
  4. 07 Jul '04 05:08
    My wife subscribes to a site where they handle threads by having an interested member subscribe to a thread. When there is activity in a thread to which you are subscribed, you are notified. When you are no longer interested in that thread, you can unsubscribe.

    This sounds like it solves each of the problems I am concerned about. I wonder how difficult this would be to add here?

    I should have talked to my wife first!
  5. Standard member Toe
    07 Jul '04 09:05
    Originally posted by zucchini
    ...I should have talked to my wife first...
    Oi! Enough of that! Let the cat out of the bag and we men are done for!

    Its true that the forums here are not quite as powerful as on other sites but they do get the job done. In addition, most other sites don't have the server load of running all those chess games, so its not entirely a like-with-like comparison.

    No harm in the request though. Who knows eh? (Other than the wife!)