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Help Forum

  1. 02 Dec '09 09:07
    Hi can anyone please help me I am trying to put my games from redhotchess into chessbase light how do I do this??

    Thank you

  2. 05 Dec '09 15:18 / 1 edit
    Goto your completed games inside "my games" or whichever sub-folder you use. After the text "last move" is a bit of text called "info". Click on that and at the bottom, click "get PGN"

    Then there are 2 methods:

    a) copy and paste
    Copy the text in the PGN file, open up chessbase light, open up a new board and paste the text in the board notation window

    b) choose the "get PGN e-mailed to you" option, and then just save the file to disk once you get it e-mailed to you, open up chessbase light, go to "file" "open", navigate to the file and double-click it
  3. 07 Dec '09 12:01
    Cool thank you! thats a big help