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  1. 14 Mar '11 13:41
    I'm playing a FR game and i'm trying to castle but it won't let me or at least i don't know how.

    How do i do it?
  2. 14 Mar '11 16:31
    Playing a French game should not make a difference. 🙂 Actually move the King in the desired direction and RHP moves the Rook for you. Pink squares indicate an illegal move, I think.
  3. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    14 Mar '11 16:33 / 1 edit
    Help : castling

    Link from Help FAQ

    Yes, if you are getting pink squares when you try to make a move, it means you are trying to make an illegal move.
  4. Standard member RevRSleeker
    14 Mar '11 16:43 / 1 edit
    FR = Fischer random.. Is it supported ?
  5. Standard member ua41
    Sharp Edge
    14 Mar '11 21:07
    Originally posted by RevRSleeker
    FR = Fischer random.. Is it supported ?
    Castling is not supported in fischer random. One way to circumvent the problem is to do another set piece game with the previous position, with king castled and giving the move to the opponent.