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Help Forum

  1. 03 Dec '01 16:01
    My user name is coco, and my I thought it was weird that none of my
    freinds challenged me. When I asked them, they said they had
    challenged me, or tried to do a rematch and that I had never moved.
    Those games have never showed up in my games however. Is it
    possible there is another coco? Any ideas why this could be
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    03 Dec '01 20:19
    Go to the 'your settings' page and look at the second item down. If
    the number there is less than the number of games you currently
    have in progress, then nobody will be able to challenge you. In that
    case you need to change that to a larger number, then go to the
    bottom of the page and 'update' your settings.

    If that doesn't fix the problems, I don't have any other ideas. You
    may have to send a feedback to Chrismo or Ruzzman.
  3. 06 Dec '01 12:12
    hey there marc hows it going now a days then????? hope your alright.
    just a little message like my other ones challenge me you b****
  4. 07 Dec '01 16:34
    I've tried that, with no success. There must just be some other
    problem with their program. Casper the freindly skater, I don't kno
    who you are, but I'm not marc. Mybe this other guy marc has coco
    too, and that's why I can't be challenged? I don't know. thanks for
    the help anyways...
  5. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    07 Dec '01 19:51
    I just went to 'find player' and typed in "coco". I got back a list of all
    players with 'coco' in their username. It did show two 'coco's, one who
    joined on 8/25 and one who joined on 9/17. Maybe that is the
    problem. I didn't think the program would allow two different people
    to use the same username, but it looks like that is what is going on.

    So as I mentioned, you may need to send a feedback to Chrismo or
    Ruzzman to have them figure it out.

  6. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    07 Dec '01 22:12
    Try now, it should be working ok.