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  1. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    23 Oct '03 03:01
  2. 23 Oct '03 07:43
    Originally posted by flexmore
    Ok, clan (a) issues a challenge to clan (b) each leader selects members up to the limit of the least member clan. For example 6. each member is then paired with an opponent and plays 2 games B&W. Most leaders try to put an even match up on the rating front but sometimes it doesn`t work. Click on the Clan icon, pick any clan, then on the right hans side you will see all the challenges, click on view to give you an idea. 🙂
  3. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    25 Oct '03 02:25
    if i join a clan, does the clan control how many games i play? What about the timelimits?
  4. Subscriber jcandance
    White Hats Rule!
    25 Oct '03 03:10
    yes, what happens is you have a clan leader. They create the challanges...if you have a good clan leader (like me), they communicate well, and find out how many clan matches you are willing to take on at one time, etc. If you have a bad clan leader, they just create match after match without really asking or caring what you think. If you want to know about how I run my clan, message anybody in the White hat clan, and they will tell you!@

  5. Subscriber jcandance
    White Hats Rule!
    25 Oct '03 03:13
    And by the way, time outs are decided by the clan leaders when they create the challanges.