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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 21 Aug '05 05:27
    but I'm still not considered a subscriber.
  2. 21 Aug '05 05:34
    Wait for it to go may take a while. If it doesn't appear after, say, 48 hours, send feedback ( and it should go through. Just give it time.
  3. 21 Aug '05 05:40
    I'd already given it a day or two and was starting to worry. If I don't have it tomorrow I'll post in feedback.
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Aug '05 11:28
    You have now been upgraded.

    The subscription process was left incomplete, something that happens quite frequently, so I will take a look at this again in the future to see if it can be improved.

  5. 21 Aug '05 20:00