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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Chess Host
    30 Apr '13 05:19 / 10 edits
    IF you are using an old browser, please see this Thread 152636.

    Otherwise :

    On IE, please make sure "compatibility mode" is not enabled. This will break the new site.

    Click here to see image on how to Turn OFF compatibility mode

    The icon should be grayed out, as shown, not blue. Click the icon to change it's state.

    If the icon is not visible, please change your browser settings :

    From the menus : 'Tools' -> 'Compatibility View' -> uncheck 'display internet sites in 'Compatibility View'.

    Compatibility mode is a hangover from the push to standards compliant web sites and is best consigned to history.
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    30 Apr '13 08:02
    For people using Internet Explorer browser and having screen display problems: if your browser is displaying the Menu Bar (the one that says File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help) click on Tools and you'll find the Compatibility stuff. Turn off Compatibility Mode because it's meant for old programs only.