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  1. 14 Feb '11 03:18
    because of insufficient material (my opponent only has his Bishop left, while I only have a pawn), however, I have already made a move.

    I did not click "claim draw" when I moved; how can I now do this without having to waste time waiting for my opponent to move again?

    I think this should be possible...

    Thanks, Bob
  2. 14 Feb '11 06:08
    First of all, don't bring games in progress into the forums (it was easy to see what game you were talking about). There is too much temptation to blurt out an answer! 🙂

    Secondly, don't assume that you have everything figured out. RHP conforms to the rules of chess about draws.
  3. Standard member wittywonka
    Chocolate Expert
    14 Feb '11 06:20
    Just because you can see a line of play in which you could claim a draw by insufficient material doesn't mean that you're currently in a state whereby you can claim such a draw. If you think such a line of play is obvious and inevitable, you could always offer a draw to your opponent instead.