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Help Forum

  1. 06 Oct '01 03:29
    On one of my games #23593 the time limit is up has been for a few days yet I see no reminder
    icon or claim victory icon. Yet on games where there is a 7 day time-out, the reminder icon comes
    up after a day or two. What gives? Has game 23593 been lost in cyber-limbo?
  2. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    06 Oct '01 04:11
    If the game is fewer than three moves old - you should have the
    option to delete the game, rather than claim victory. The reminder
    functionality has been changed so that a reminder can only be sent
    once - if you have not sent a reminder already then I will need to
    examine this further.

  3. 06 Oct '01 06:23
    The game is over three moves. I would like to continue playing my opponent but she has gone
    over the time-out limit and other then e-mailing her which I would rather not do there seems to be
    no way of continuing or ending the game. Thanks hstk
  4. 06 Oct '01 23:22
    The timeout limit for this game is 14 days - your opponent has until
    tommorow to move (the last move was on Sep 23), after which, a
    claim win icon will appear.