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Help Forum

  1. Standard member krisvictor
    Chess Student
    03 Mar '05 02:28
    Since I installed Win XP SP2, my IE6 will not connect to ANY FRICKIN WEB SITE!!!
    It won't even display a web page on my hard drive!
    What gives?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I'm using Mozilla now. I still want to fix my IE6 though. Don't ask.

    This has happened to two of my PCs now!

    UGH! I wish I didn't need Windows.

    BTW, lots of smart ppl in this site! 😀
  2. Standard member krisvictor
    Chess Student
    03 Mar '05 02:30
    I think I misposted this thread. sorry.
  3. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    03 Mar '05 03:57 / 2 edits
    apparently some have trouble with the java after sp2 installed.
    try this..
    from the start -- run..
    this will re-register the dll's for javascript, but close IE before doing this.

    besides that.. do you get any errors? ie.. page cannot be displayed? or "page contains errors" in the bottom left corner?
  4. Standard member krisvictor
    Chess Student
    03 Mar '05 16:28
    I re-registered the jscript dlls. I didn't think that was the problem because I already tried to open web pages without java content from my hard drive with the same results.

    The message is "The page cannot be displayed... Please try the following..."

    What hosed IE after the SP2 install? I have three Dells and one VPR Matrix and they all did the same thing after I installed SP2. No more IE browsing and I had to install Netscape and Mozilla Firefox.

    I really appreciate any help.