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  1. 29 Jul '04 07:36
    I wondered if it would be possible to be able to add a name or reference to games when archiving? I would find this particularly helpful as I would like to save games that I have lost under a separate reference and again under a sub reference of white or black then again under the opening played. Is this possible? would anyone else find this helpful, I often find myself remembering getting into similar positions and would like to able to find the appropriate game within my archives quicker.
  2. Subscriber sundown316
    The Mighty Messenger
    02 Aug '04 02:02
    This is a vg idea. I'd also like to see,if possible,an "Informant" or NIC style opening code# after each finished game,if I need to look up a particular opening or variation
  3. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    02 Aug '04 02:26
    This probably isn't quite what you had in mind, but one way to do this would be for you to download each of your games as a pgn file and save them in a group of folders that have been organized in a manner suitable to your needs.

    I believe it is possible to open and edit each pgn file (as a text file) to add some of the descriptive information you want, so that this information is viewable while you are reviewing the game.

    Just an idea.....
  4. Standard member GMF
    Neochristian Patzer
    03 Aug '04 05:16
    I dump all my games into a local database. It would still be helpful, though, to have things like ECO code, color played, moves played, etc., in the listings for both My Archives and My Games. It'll make navigating those areas much easier.

    For instance, if you have a dozen different games going on, it's sometimes hard to remember which game in your mind is against which person. I might know "I want to go back to that Ruy Lopez I'm 50 moves into" but not remember if it's the game you're playing against 'pizzathehut' or the one against 'MMMMikey'. Also, there's no easy way right now of telling which game in a match against someone is the one in which you're white from the one in which you're black.

    A couple more columns would save a lot of hunting around.