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  1. 01 Jun '05 18:08
    We're all out here together, and all of us were beginners at one time (except maybe Ironman31--he probably kicked out grasping a pawn or two).

    Some beginners appreciate game comments from better players and some don't. How about some of the better players--when they have time--setting up non-rated open invites for players that will accept move commentary? This might get some shyer newer players exposed to better chess and more advanced chess concepts than they'd otherwise see for a long time.

    Just a thought.
  2. Standard member celticcountry
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    01 Jun '05 18:41
    I bought a chess program called " Fritz for fun"

    All my games improve.

    and I have a much better insite.more than any book could teach

    I was playing it till 1/2 past midnight.