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  1. 07 Feb '11 01:37
    I usually use my iPhone to play on RHP, but the subdomain doesn't seem to be working properly for me.

    All I get is regular text saying "Not Logged In." No links, no graphics, nothing but three tiny words.

    Anyone else having a problem?

    I've even tried to log in using my computer's browser (just to see what would happen), but all it does is say it's loading. I've never tried doing this before, so this may be the norm for non-iphones.

    Any ideas?

    Feedback has been sent. I was just curious if I was the only one...
  2. 14 Feb '11 18:24
    I play on the iPhone at work since RHP is blocked on the city computers. I've never had a problem with it. I was using the iPhone 3G and now the iPhone 4 on Verizon.
    I wish I could help but I wanted you to know that it's not an overall iPhone issue.
  3. Standard member fishplant
    26 Feb '11 16:20
    Yes, I'm experiencing the same. I've had the issue before and gave up on the iPhone site but about a week ago tried again and it was working. But now it seems to have gone again. Don't know if it's the site or some kind of iPhone/Safari weirdness.
  4. 27 Feb '11 05:31 / 1 edit
    After trying for a week, I deleted the link on my iPhone, then reinstalled it. It seemed to work after that.

    Not sure what happened, but it's working again. Russ had suggested a number of things to try, but they didn't work. In the end, deleting the link seemed the easiest anyway....

    I'm certain it wasn't a problem with RHP, but a glitch with the iPhone/iPod.
  5. Standard member fishplant
    04 Mar '11 21:42
    Think I cracked it! When I bookmarked it, I had already logged in, and the bookmarked URL contained various bits of session-related data that presumably meant that once that login expired (perhaps when I logged in to the site from my pc) I could no longer access that URL. I edited the URL to remove everything after .com and it's back to its normal self.