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Help Forum

  1. 11 Dec '01 16:18
    please check this game out

    and tell me whether it is supposed to be a draw or whether casper has
    won. It has always been my understanding of chess that if it is stale
    mate then it is a draw yet my only option now is to retire as a draw
    offer has been rejected!!!!

  2. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    11 Dec '01 16:24
    You are right, this is a draw. I will look into why the system as not
    recognised it as such as soon as possible.

  3. 11 Dec '01 16:37
    can I poiltely stick my fingers up at my opponent and laugh
    histerically because he was so sure he was going to beat me?
  4. Standard member gotti2000
    The winemaker
    28 Jul '02 13:52
    I have to disappoint you. That game was not finished because of the
    en passant rule

    Your opponent moved P h7-h5
    So there was one possible move for you: P g5xh6.
    RHP was right to continue the game.
    I guess you both haven't been aware of that rule.