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  1. 28 Jan '03 23:31
    I'm in a game{151024} where the other player is telling me he wants a draw, which I would like myself, and is not being given the option. I have checked the draw box on three different occasions. He is telling me that he is also checking the box but I have not been asked, by the program, if I would like to accept. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks RON a.k.a. romaxt
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    28 Jan '03 23:34 / 1 edit
    Are you just clicking the 'offer draw' button?

    If so, that won't work anymore. You have to enter a move and then click the 'draw' button instead of the 'move' button.

  3. 29 Jan '03 00:02
    I did not realize that there was a sequence to it. I will give it a try when it's my move. Thank you very much Marc.. Ron romaxt