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Help Forum

  1. 13 Feb '03 19:37
    Hi there, just a little suggestion for the Waiting Game button.

    When playing key-positions, I'd like to analyse a bit more and take my time (so I decide to play on my other boards first). Unfortunately there is no way (if you dont want to go back to your games list and choose manually) to jump the game and play on with the others, which is very annoying. It just jumps always to the same game.

    It could be worthwile implementing, that a click on x games waiting goes on to the next one if you havent moved in the game showing at your screen. (putting possibly at the end of the cycle..)
    Thanks for considering this.
  2. 13 Feb '03 20:09
    I agree with you. Maybe an option in your settings to go back to your games page after you make a move in a game. That way you can choose which game you want to move in next without going back to your games manually. Some games require more thought than others before you are ready to move in them.
  3. Donation Rhymester
    and RedHotTed
    13 Feb '03 22:29
    The SKIP button was introduced so that you could send a game to the back of the queue.. unfortunately it's not working properly. It's no doubt on Russ or Chris's to do list.