Ladder Game

Help 29 Mar '19 10:41
  1. Joined
    23 Jul '06
    29 Mar '19 10:41
    Hi all,

    Started a ladder game and realize now my opponent has stopped playing. He has the first move as white so no clocks ticking as the game has not been started yet. Also, I cannot delete the game.

    What happens now?
  2. Donationmwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    25 Feb '01
    29 Mar '19 11:53
    From the 'ladder' section of "Help/FAQ":
    "Inactive players will be removed from a ladder if they have no games in progress and they have been inactive on the site for 60 days."

    So, how long has that opponent been inactive? They are supposed to be removed after 60 days, so if it is longer than that you should probably send feedback.