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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber AttilaTheHorn
    Erro Ergo Sum
    18 Oct '07 13:29
    Lately when my opponent moves, the email notification arrives well after he has made his move, sometimes as much as two hours. Is there a way to ensure that his email arrives in my box right away?
  2. 18 Oct '07 18:28 / 1 edit
    The problem is most likely with your service provider and then there is nothing you can do. Do you use a free account like hotmail?
    If the problem is with rhp, then there should be more people experiencing this problem.
    You could always try sending feedback (link at the bottom of each page).

  3. Standard member Bedingbedang
    commente moi donc ├ža
    19 Oct '07 05:10
    If you use firefox as a browser, install the greasemonkey scripts. One of them is for a toolbar tool that indicates when you have games awaiting your moves, so you don't even need the email reminders!