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Help Forum

  1. 15 Feb '08 22:23

    Have just taken Leadership of a clan, and want to enter the League (the clan has played in the league for the past few seasons)

    When I go to enter a team, am told 'not enough members to enter a team', even though there are 8 clan members.

    Could someone please tell me how the league team membership works.


  2. Standard member Smiffy
    15 Feb '08 22:36 / 1 edit
    You need 6 members with the shield showing to enter your clan in the leagues....You have 5 so need 1 more player....
  3. Standard member zozozozo
    Thread Killing Chimp
    16 Feb '08 15:35
    tell your other members (those without a shield showing up) to go to ''My Settings'' -> ''My Clan Settings'' to change thier ''League clan''