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  1. 18 Jun '06 22:52
    anyone else getting popups like this?

    only on RHP, and only on certain pages, and it's repeatable (like if i reload or return to the same page). for possibly ever since i've been on this site (it's been going on for awhile so i'm not sure on that.)

    i'm a member, so maybe it is not related to the ad bars non-members see.

    e.g., Thread 45657



    Connect to

    Acct## Login

    User name:


    [OK] [Cancel]
  2. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    18 Jun '06 23:04 looks a little shady (a page of redirects). Perhaps you should check your computer for spyware.
  3. 19 Jun '06 08:08
    it was tho .... i put angle brackets around my_company in the original post but RHP deleted the brackets and the my_company ...
  4. 19 Jun '06 08:08
    did no1m bequeath to you his avatar? ...