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Help Forum

  1. Standard member NathanMarch
    Celtic Worryer
    17 Aug '04 18:40
    I just want to suggest that all clans should have a small symbol or a few characters which each member will have after their name so that other users will know which clan, people are in without looking at their profile.
  2. 19 Aug '04 13:06
    I'll hop in with an opinion here ...... at first it sounds like a good idea, but then I think of people who are members of a dozen different clans. I can see this rapidly getting out of control and getting the name display cluttered.

    I can also foresee people starting and joining clans in a very specific order to start spelling out messages in their clan identifier strings :-(
  3. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    19 Aug '04 15:58
    What would be useful is to put a mark next to the clan leaders so you can see at a glance from the player tables are who they are. I often go to the player tables and most recent movers and if I saw a clan leader was active it would be a good time to propose a challenge to them. Just an idea.
  4. Standard member NathanMarch
    Celtic Worryer
    19 Aug '04 18:12
    I hadn't thought about people in more than one clan. I got to idea from a war game site. People can only join one clan there.